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Plumbing Insurance

WaterSafe is the national plumbing assurance scheme, has reported that some homeowners are choosing to spend any savings they have on treating themselves rather than investing in home repairs and insurance. Their survey reveals that over 80% of people have less money to spend now than they did five years ago.

Many householders said they thought it more important us use their cash to treat themselves, rather than repairing their home including major Plumbing repairs and maintenance. Julie Spinks, from WaterSafe, said: Our survey results are very concerning. As the economy gradually picks up, it is easy to see why homeowners would prefer to spend their limited spare cash on treating themselves. However, safety in the home and addressing essential maintenance should be a priority and cannot be compromised. If a plumbing issue, for example, is left unattended, homeowners not only run the risk of unsafe water posing a danger to their family but the issue could escalate, leading to thousands of pounds in essential repair work.